6 Ways to Enjoy New York Like a Local


1. Walk the High Line.

The High Line is located on an elevated rail on the west side of Manhattan. The elevated railway incorporates a variety of types of landscape architecture. Its beautiful greenery covers the entire railway, and is an area for people to walk and cycle. The highline is a great place to walk from one end to another on a hot day and go sightseeing for New York’s views and the innovative art around it. Not only that, but the highline contains many well-known shops and restaurants located nearby. For sunny days, walking the highline is a special way to spend the afternoon.


2. Rent a bike


Although taking the subway, bus, or taxi are common ways of getting around New York City, renting a bike is a much more fun and relaxing way to spend your day. There are now Citibikes available to rent at convenient locations around town, and you get to experience the city in a new way. You can bike around bays, rivers, and parks. And biking is a lot better for the environment than other modes of transportation.


3. Enjoy the Great Lawn.

The Great Lawn is located in in the middle of Central Park. It is a beautiful green space where many people go to tan and relax under the sun. It is the perfect place for a picnic or an outdoor area to throw a Frisbee around with your friends. The Great Lawn also has food trucks on the sides that serve snow cones and other refreshing snacks every day. Many people bring their towels and blankets, and spend the day resting under the sun.

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4. Visit Soho

There are hundreds of shops to visit around New York City, and Soho has some amazing ones. The neighborhood is well-known for its artists and art galleries, and its street art is always interesting to look at as you walk around from shop to shop. Take a break with a meal at one of the many restaurants located in the neighborhood.


5. Try the food trucks.


Many people working in the city grab lunch from food trucks selling “street meat.” When you are exhausted from a tiring day of walking around the city, you stop and try a gyro or a souvlaki from a truck. There are trucks located every couple of blocks all around the city, so you will never fail to run into one at all hours of the day.


6. Eat in Koreatown.

Koreatown is packed with amazing restaurants, shops, spas and more. For those who want to stay late for a fun night, there are karaoke bars that stay open for 24 hours. It also has great hole-in-the-wall restaurants with excellent traditional Korean cuisine.  

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