Last Minute Gifts: 13 Bottled Yummies for the Holidays

These jars of gourmet goodness will add joy to your holiday table.

Need a gift for a fellow foodie? Or perhaps some new options for easy pop-and-serve appetizers for those last minute festive gatherings? These 13 jars of gourmet goodness will add joy to your holiday table.

1. Buen Provecho Spiced Green Mango Jam by Oliver & Maude

One of our favorite new additions to the bottled-goodness game, this chutney-like jam is excellent as a cheese condiment. When mixed in with softened cream cheese, it makes a delicious dip. 

Also worth checking out by Buen Provecho: wild-caught bagoong fresca, smoked fish tapenade, and pili Laing pesto 

For orders, visit oliverandmaude.com

2. Xancho Brandy Butter


Spread it on a slice of toasted panettone, serve it with some warm British mince pies and Christmas pudding, or slather over a stack of pancakes, this versatile butter compound is great on just about anything for a taste of Christmas.

Also worth checking out by Xancho:  Home chef Marco Rodriguez offers a host of takeaway dishes for your holiday potluck.

For orders, contact 0917.830.7020 or 0917.505.4572

3. The Good Seed Green Olive Salsa

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Feel good about yourself with this range of all-natural vegan dips and spreads.  While our favorite green olive salsa is excellent served on bruschetta, it is also delicious when tossed with warm pasta, or served as a side sauce (think salsa monja) with grilled or fried fish or poultry. 

Also worth checking out by The Good Seed: mushroom sisig tapenade, salsa putanesca, and chia sesame crackers

For orders, contact 0917.847.4831 or pick up at Edgy Veggy at 3 Brixton Street, Pasig

4. Yogi Brunch Chicken Pistachio Pâté 

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While Yogi Brunch’s channa hummus has gained a cult-like following, its chicken pistachio pate is definitely not second best in its line of wholesome, all-natural jarred delicacies.

Also worth checking out by Yogi Brunch: channa hummus, banana chips, and banana hay

For orders, contact 0917.590.2011

5. Majordomo Chili Cheese Spread 

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With just the right amount of heat to keep it interesting, this rich and tangy cheese spread can be served with your choice of crudité or crackers, but we enjoy it best slathered on a slice of sourdough and then toasted in the oven. 

Also worth checking out by Majordomo:  Malagos goat cheese in olive oil, Applewood smoked salmon gravlax, anchovy pâté, prosciutto and green olive pâté, and black olive tapenade

For orders, contact 0917.846.5595

6. Silver Platter X Mesa ni Misis Gorgeous Green Hummus

When two determined women like Nicole Ortega and Juana Manahan put their heart and minds into a passion project, the results are delicious. Aligned with the Mesa ni Misis valuesthat all ingredients are fresh, affordable, and accessiblethis tasty hummus is made with local chickpeas, herb greens, garlic, and all-natural spices. It’s jar-licking good!

Also worth checking out by Silver Platter: holiday chicken truffle spread


For Orders, contact 0927.485.3399. Jars are also available at all Eric Kayser outlets.

7. Taste by Grace Spiced Rosemary Honey

As with all the products in Grace Baja's gourmet food line, this spicy honey is delicious and versatile. A twist on the familiar, the woody taste of the rosemary and the heat of the chili flakes add dimension to the sweetness of regular honey. Try it with cheese and cheesecake, add it to your yogurt, or make it into a delicious tea with lemon and ginger for a health tonic.

Also worth checking out by Taste by Grace: Figs and almonds with truffle honey, organic spinach and mushroom chimichurri, manchego curado with almond olive tapenade, and Ecuadorian dark chocolate cookie dough 

For orders, contact 0906.361.8374 or www.gracehomemanila.com

8. Casa Victoria Boquerones


Made with much tender loving care in Dumaguete, these tasty boquerones are some of the best you will ever try and are made only when the very best fish is available. Buy a few bottles for yourself and enjoy year-round.

Also worth checking out by Casa Victoria: gourmet dulong with truffle oil and chorizo

For orders, contact 0917.323.6449

9. Tilde Santol Bagoong

From one of our favorite bakeshops comes this unique take on bagoong. Playing on our love for all things spicy, sour, and sweet, you will find yourself adding it to your list of favorite “sawsawans” as it goes with just about everything and anything.

Also worth checking out by Tilde:  Parmesan shortbread, butter shortbread with mango jam, energy cookies, and chocolate babka. 

For Orders, contact 771.2764 or pick up at the Ground Floor, 5417 Matilde Street, Poblacion, Makati.

10. Little Flour Cereal Polvoron


Yes, you may be thinking ‘What sorcery is this?  Polvoron in a bottle?’ but what else would you expect from the minds behind the wildly successful Wild Flour Café  + Bakery and Little Flour Café kitchens?  Sprinkle on cereal, yogurt, or ice cream or do like we do: Grab a spoon and dig in!

Also worth checking out by Little Flour and Wild Flour:  Christmas panettone, guava jam, mango jam, strawberry jam, butter biscuits, and granola.

For Orders, contact 777.7383, 0917.702.8522, or 0917.704.4131

11. The Un-Bakery Toasted Coconut Butter

The best thing since sliced bread! This delicious and keto-friendly coconut spread gives nut and seed butters a run for their money. We love it in our smoothies, in our cookies, or eaten with a spoon straight out of the jar. 

Also worth checking out by The Un-Bakery: contact chocolate maca, strawberries and cream, and coco PB energy balls. 

For orders, visit theunbakery.ph or @the.unbakery on Instagram


12. Lola Naty’s Soy Sauce, Vinegar, and Patis

Made with all-natural ingredients and following an ancestral recipe, these Filipino pantry essentials are delicious and come in vintage packaging that we can’t resist.

For orders, contact REAL FOOD ALABANG Molito Mall, Alabang, 772.0131 

13. Divalicious Labuyo Sauce


Spice up all your savory dishes with this chili hot sauce by the Lechon Diva. Packed with the right amount of heat and tempered with a little bit of sweet, this will be the jar that you reach for time and time again.

Also worth checking out by The Lechon Diva: Divalicious gulong-gulong sauce made of crab fat, shrimp juice, coconut milk, ginger, and local herbs and spices. It's the perfect sauce for any seafood dish.

For orders, contact 0917.866.0662

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