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15 Exclusive Perfume Brands You've Probably Never Heard Of

Discover these premier artisan, niche perfume brands.

Tried and tested scents are a great way to start off your journey through the wonderful world of perfumes. Of course, there are the trusted classics like Chanel No. 5, Guerlain Shalimar, and Yves Saint Laurent Opium. However, if you’re looking for highly personalized and unique scents, then niche perfume brands are the best way to satiate that obsession.

Niche perfumes are more artistic and complex scents that may not appeal to larger audiences. As such, they’re made in limited quantities, an exclusive alternative to mass-produced counterparts. It would be highly improbable to walk into a room and find someone wearing the same niche scent, as opposed to a designer perfume that’s readily available at department stores and malls.

Slip through the perfume rabbit hole with these niche perfume brands.


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A Swedish brand, BYREDO was founded in 2006 by Ben Gorham. A former basketball player, Gorham’s interest in scents started during his adolescence. Gorham takes inspiration from fragrant memories and experiences: places, feelings and the scents and smells that evoke them. BYREDO produces perfumes, home fragrances, body care products, and accessories.

By Kilian

Belonging to a long line of luxury goods producers, Kilian Hennessy carried on the family tradition and founded his eponymous parfum line in 2007. The grandson of the LVMH founder started By Kilian after studying with some of the greatest noses in perfumery. The brand promotes ecology and sustainability through the use of reusable and refillable packaging.

Clive Christian

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Crown Perfumery dates back to 1872, taking its name from Queen Victoria’s royal grant which was awarded due to its quality and excellence. Clive Christian acquired the perfumery in 1999 and carried on its tradition with his eponymous perfume. In 2012, Clive Christian was awarded an Order of the British Empire for his contribution to the British luxury goods industry.


Frédéric Malle

Born in 1962, Frédéric Malle belongs to a family with strong ties to the perfume industry. His grandfather founded Christian Dior perfumes while his mother worked as its art director. In 2000, using his experience and studies, Malle started his own brand by inviting nine top perfumers to create unique scents.

L`Artisan Parfumeur

Despite being established way back in the 1970s, L`Artisan remains a niche perfume due to its firm policy of exclusive distribution. The brand is best known for creating the first fig fragrance made from leaves, branches, and fruit, an element that’s commonplace in today’s perfume industry.

Le Labo

Le Labo was created by Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi in 2006. What sets Le Labo apart is its personalized bottle, a printed label that displays where the bottle was compounded, who the bottle is for, and until when it stays fresh.

Maison Martin Margiela REPLICA

Maison Martin Margiela is no stranger to the fashion world. Known for its avant-garde designs and innovative techniques, the brand decided to venture into the perfume industry as well. Translating the house’s aesthetic, ‘REPLICA’ is a unique collection of crafted scents that captures moments, periods, and locations.

Most notable is ‘Lipstick On,’ an airy, powdery scent with galbanum notes, vanilla bourbon, with an absolute tonka bean base that eerily captures the old scent of lipstick.

Naomi Goodsir

Starting as a fashion and accessory designer, Naomi Goodsir collaborated with creative director Renaud Coutaudier to create her eponymous perfume line. The elegant and timeless scents use raw materials and are packed and produced in Grasse, France.

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Born in Italy, Alessandro Gualtieri created Nasomatto after years of creating scents for Fendi, Versace, and Helmut Lang. Nasomatto means ‘crazy nose’ in Italian, a fitting description for the eccentric scents with cult hits like ‘Absinth’ and ‘Narcotic Venus’.

Ramón Monegal

Ramón Monegal got his start in the perfume industry as the creative director for Myrurgia. As creative director, Monegal created fragrances for brands like Adolfo Dominguez, Antonio Miró, Aigner, Ines de la Fressange, and Massimo Dutti. In 2007, Monegal separated from Myrurgia and started his eponymous fragrance brand.

Robert Piguet

Born in Switzerland, Robert Piguet started his eponymous fashion brand in 1933. The French-based brand first created perfumes in the 1940s with master perfumer Germaine Cellier. The fashion house closed in 1951 but has retained the perfume line, producing original fragrances with modern techniques.

Santa Maria Novella

The Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world. The store first opened in 1612 in Florence, Italy, and uses formulations by Dominican friars from the 13th century. Today, Santa Maria Novella produces fragrances, candles, soaps, potpourri, skin care, melograno, bath and body, talcum powders.

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Terry de Gunzburg

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Most known as the creator of the YSL Touche Éclat, Terry de Gunzburg is considered a celebrity in the beauty industry. The beauty guru launched makeup and skincare line By Terry in 1998, eventually launching a set of perfumes in 2012.

Tom Ford Private Blend

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The American designer and film director has the iconic Black Orchid scent under his name but to truly experience his world, Tom Ford created the prestige line Private Blend. A favorite of fashion insiders, Private Blend is home to Oud Wood, Tobacco Vanille, and Neroli Portofino. Ford muses, "Private Blend is my own personal scent laboratory; it's where I have the ability to create very special, original fragrances that are unconstrained by the conventions of mainstream scent-making."

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Xerjoff offers unique and distinct fragrances using rare and fine materials. The Italian luxury brand was created by Sergio Momo in 2003.

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