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Unfiltered Table Talk With The Truly Rich Lady's Friends

Truly Rich People can be quite funny.

I really want to know more about my friends, so when Town&Country Philippines hosted its Fab Dine Around event (This is a marvelous idea! Why put together a party when you can have 61 restaurants do it for you?), I took the opportunity to ask the Truly Rich Revelers the hard questions:
“Excuse me, madam, how hungry are you?”

Yes, I was there! I am not going to tell you exactly where and when, but maybe I was the lovely creature sitting in the corner by herself? Maybe I was with a date, my Truly Rich Mother? Maybe I was wearing a roomy dress, which I picked especially for the occasion of eating, and a pair of magnificent ear danglers. Maybe I was very quiet, like a church mouse? Maybe I was beside you!

Of course, I was watching everything. I saw you down that flute of Champagne a little too enthusiastically. And I saw you skillfully transporting several truffles into your big bag. And I finally saw, too, in person the lovely work on your third face.

But I am not here to pass judgment. I am here to report what my Truly Rich Friends have told me.

On their go-to excuse for buying Truly Expensive Things

Some tell their spouses that it is “a good investment,” others present it as really “for you” of “for our kids... eventually,” still others invoke guilt with “I know you love me” or “But I was happy today.”

More creative re-framing involves invoking a benefit (“It's better than therapy”) or presenting a threat (“If you ask how much, you have to pay for it.”)


But I agree with this one the most: “I’m paying for it.” If you want something and can afford it, you don’t really need an excuse.

On their most hated phone app on their partners' phones

Yahoo! Sports (“Basketball and football news all the time!”), Instagram (“So she can't see the weird stuff I post.”); E-bay (“He's always looking for things to buy.”); and of course, our modern master, Facebook. Also, someone mentioned “Crush Candy.” Cute.

On the matter of royal watching

For a babysitting session, most picked future king George because, I guess, there’s no better time to get on his good graces than now? A few chose Charlotte with one particular guest planning to “teach her how to be a kick-ass female.” And let’s not even mention little Louis because, in his present state, he is a worm. Also, someone had the gall to refuse watching the royal babies “because that’s what nannies are for.”

On a very Filipino name for the baby of Harry and Meghan

“Boyet,” “Girlie,” “Princess Ligaya of Sussex.” The clear winner: “Whilliam.”

On the worst hair day

My most horrible hair moment was an experiment with flattering bangs (they were not), but these take the cake: “They cut it short and like an octopus shape” and “My wife shaved part of the side of my head once!” I would like to know why!

On the important question of Rolex or Patek

I will just say that someone brought up FitBit, but not because of its fitness tracking capabilities, but because of sleep tracking function. The truest luxury is the amount of time you spend on sleep. 

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On their most memorable airline experience

Would you rather get hit on by a grandmother who wants to set you up with her granddaughter or get hit by lightning twice?

On whether they’d like to meet their ancestors or descendants

Descendants is the winner because, as one guestsputs, there is “no looking back.” (Personally, I’d like to see if my delicate nose has been passed on to my great-great-great-offsprings.) 

On the important question of: ‘for love or money’

“For love of money.” 

On the Netflix shows they watch

Of course, The Crown but there is also the rebooted Dynasty, both of which are appropriate because: money. I am also intrigued by multiple mentions of House of Flowers, which is a Mexican telenovela. And the one series that they remove from the Continue Watching list, but end up watching again when nobody’s watching? Grey’s Anatomy. The Truly Rich loves dramas that never end. 

On how the Truly Rich achieves blissful sleep

Er, many wind down with Netflix, which I don't think helps with sleep. Those intent on drifting off make use lavender oil, green tea, a cocktail, “half a tab of mogadon,” silence, and God (“a prayer”). And for the vampires among us, listen to this: “I have to be in bed by 11 p.m., because the skin gets rejuvenated between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.” I will do this from now on.

On (maybe secret) obsessions

Many and various things, including Korean telenovelas (you too!), the Kardashians, Ziploc bags (what?), and some things that are not fit to print, but a lot of my friends mentioned this particular website called T&C. Do you know it? 


On ending painful conversations

The most modern excuse is invoking the need to take photos. The most classic is faking a phone call from your Truly Rich Mother. Personally, I just say that a part of my body is hurting, so I must leave! “My toe is bleeding. Please bore me again tomorrow!”

On their true ages!

I asked what song defines their teenage self in order to know their oldness. Ahem: “Tears for Fears,” “Don’t Stop Believin,'” “You've Got a Friend,” “Woman in Chains,” “Next in Line,” and, bizarrely, a lot of “Bizarre Love Triangle.” What’s yours?

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