How Much Would You Pay to Own the Red WRX From Baby Driver?

Baby’s red Impreza was just sold on eBay for a huge sum.
IMAGE Columbia Pictures

Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver is already one of this year’s best films, if not only its most iconic. Apart from the killer soundtrack, exhilarating chase sequences, and excellent overall direction, the movie also managed to introduce a lot of icons into the annals of contemporary cinema: That baseball jacket, the Wayfarers-and-white-earbuds combo, and the iPod, for instance, which you can bet will be a top choice for Halloween costumes this year. Then of course, there’s that incredible illustrated movie poster, which would already be the year’s coolest if not for the Thor: Ragnarok poster.

But none of the new icons spawned from Baby Driver are quite as special as the 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX that was used for the movie’s opening heist. It was the perfect car, considering the context—and the sequence itself was one of the most exciting car chases we’ve seen in a long while. There’s no wonder then that Baby’s red WRX just sold for $69,100 on eBay, as reported by Autoblog. That’s a little over 3.5 million in PHP.


It may seem like a hefty price for a dinged-up Subaru sedan, but consider the movie it represents, and the car’s potential value to collectors. It doesn’t seem so bad, if you’d think about it—especially for fans of the movie and of Edgar Wright’s body of work. And as far as collectible cars go, we’re pretty sure this is spare change. After all, one of the DeLorean DMC-12s from the Back To The Future trilogy once went for $541,000, or almost 28 million pesos, so a few millions for a car from a lesser but still beloved movie only seems fair.

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