Luxury Cars: What Kind of Expensive Ride Best Suits You?

Jeep or Dodge? Benz or Jag?

Luxury cars are the toys of grown-up men because operating intelligent and elegant machines provide a thrill. Driving a muscular car on the highway feels good and alighting from a well-appointed sedan or SUV (with all eyes on you) feels even better.  

But how do you choose what kind of toy, in this case, a very expensive car, to plonk a hefty amount of cash on?  

Well, first, you'll need to figure out your needs and wants. There are men who like to go on road trips with a little bit of off-roading on the side, so they prefer an SUV. Then, there are sports car enthusiasts who want sleek, high-performance vehicles. And then, there are those who have a more refined taste and choose luxury automobiles. 

Got it? Now, you can head to the toy store, which is the CATS showroom in Greenhills. It really is like a toy shop for men as it houses the brightest stars in the world of wheels: Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Jaguar, Land Rover, Harley-Davidson. In fact, this year, the company celebrates 30 years of providing the men with the car of their dreams, so you know you're in the right place for the business of choosing your new toy.   

But, let's get back to the first part. Here's how to figure out which luxury car is right for you: 

You Are a Certified Outdoorsman

Your weekends are spent, not binging on war documentaries on Netflix, but exploring the many waterfalls of Mt. Romelo in Laguna. Your idea of death is a staycation at a city hotel. Your biggest style splurge are those designer boots by Grenson. You know what a carabiner is.  


The Outdoorsman Car No. 1: Jeep 

The Jeep Wrangler, one of the most iconic 4X4s in the world, is perfect for the dirt roads and rugged terrain of mountains and beaches (where you like to hie off on the weekend), but if you prefer a car that can be used for off-road as well as city driving, Jeep also has compact SUVs like the Renegade.  

Jeep Wrangler

Photo by courtesy of CATS Group.

The Outdoorsman Car No. 2: Dodge 

If you are an outdoorsman who is not a loner (as in your family or friends are always in tow), the full-size Dodge Durango is the one for you. And if you have a lot of stuff, the Ram 1500, a pick-up truck that can handle rough roads while hauling equipment like, say, a full suite of camping gear, is the choice.  

Dodge Durango

Photo by courtesy of CATS Group.
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The Outdoorsman Car No. 3: Land Rover 

Maybe you've outgrown your days of adventure and have settled into a cushy house in the city. And yet, once in a while, when the missus allows, you still indulge your wanderlust. What you want are SUVs that are fit for city driving but can also handle off-road trips. The Land Rover merges luxury with 4X4 capabilities, making it a dream come true for the retired outdoorsy man. Take your pick from its roster of sleek but masculine models such as the Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, or Discovery Sport. 

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Photo by courtesy of CATS Group.

You Are a Very Particular VVIP

You need a minder to operate your life. You have, at least, two bespoke suits: a navy for every day and a velvet number for stuntin'. Your presence makes people's minds go blank. Your default drink is vodka (neat). Your preferred mode of communication is the inescapable phone call, which is arranged by a secretary. 


The VVIP Car No. 1: Mercedes-Benz 

Now, there are a lot of models to choose from Mercedes-Benz so, when it comes to getting the right steed that will take you from the centrally located apartment to the centrally located high-rise, focus on how you feel, as in your stage in life.  

Benz's NGCC (new generation compact car) range is for the younger exec. The A-Class and B-Class hatchback, as well as the CLA and GLA models are all elegant and sporty. The carmaker's core range, on the other hand, has bigger and stylish sedans like the C-Class, E-Class, S-Class. These luxury cars are best for those who have made their way to the uppermost echelons of life.  

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Photo by courtesy of CATS Group.

The VVIP Car No. 2: Jaguar 

Not to be outdone, Jaguar offers three types of luxury sedans. The XE compact sedan and the XF sedan is perfect for the executive living in the city, while the XJ sedan is for C-Suite types who like to be chauffeured around. Of the two brands, we say the Jaguar is for those who are unafraid to declare their undoubted status as boss.  


Jaguar XJ

Photo by JAGUAR.

You Are An Unabashed Speed Junkie

Your spirit animal is the cheetah. Your idea of a good time is going full throttle, whether on the information superhighway or the Autobahn. Your drink of choice is adrenaline. Your latest watch acquisition is the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. You appreciate promptness above all.  

The Speed Junkie Car No. 1: Mercedes-Benz

Okay, we'll make it quick. For men looking for a German-engineered sports car, Mercedes-Benz has a line of speedsters for every taste, including the sporty Coupe (CLS, E, C, and S), Cabriolet (C, E, and S), and Roadster (SLC and SL).  

Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe

Photo by Mercedes Benz.

The Speed Junkie Car No. 2: Dodge 

For men looking for a true American muscle car, the Dodge Challenger is as good as it gets.  

Dodge Challenger

Photo by Courtesy of CATS Group.

The Speed Junkie Car No. 3: Jaguar  

And for men, who need a touch of flair while burning rubber, the F-Type from British company Jaguar is a luxury car for movie-worthy drives.  

Jaguar F-Type

Photo by JAGUAR.

The Speed Junkie Surprise Option: Harley Davidson 

Bonus round: Two-wheelers are also a great option for cruising around the city or country. If you prefer a motorcycle, Harley-Davidson offers bikes from its Sportster (SuperLow and Iron), Softail (Street Bob and Low Rider), and Touring families, and bigger cruisers such as the Road King and Street Glide.

Harley Davidson Road King

Photo by Harley Davidson.

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