Hugo Zacarias Yonzon IV

Zach Yonzon is a cake artist and co-owner of Bunny Baker
The moment Bailey starts to sing, it’s magic.
Fast X goes from 0 to 60 from the opening credits and floors it all the way.
James Gunn essentially crammed the closing chapter of his trilogy with everything and more. The result is at times bloated, a little excessive, but when all is said and done, also ultimately satisfying.
Nicolas Cage as Dracula. That’s it. That’s the review.
Leave it to Ben Affleck to make a film that’s essentially about having meetings and making calls actually interesting.
The Super Mario Bros. Movie is bonkers fun and it’s the perfect family movie that kids will enjoy and that adults will feel nostalgic about.
Fury of the Gods actually feels like a metaphor for the entire DCEU: neither here nor there with occasionally entertaining parts but ultimately non-essential viewing when considering the larger narrative.
Honor Among Thieves is effortlessly fun and fresh and a much-needed change of pace from the glut of superhero movies that teeter dangerously close to formulaic.
If you can look past the fact that the entire plot of the film hinges on two men refusing to get therapy, then Creed 3 is a serviceable, even fun movie.
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