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These Two Whisky Bottles Were Sold At Auction for P16.8 Million Each

It’s a record price for a bottle of this particular brand of whisky.
IMAGE The Dalmore

There are some pretty hardcore whisky collectors in the world, but whoever bought these two has to rank way up there as the most intense and passionate. Not to mention richest. 

During a Sotheby’s auction recently, two bottles of the ultra rare The Dalmore 62 commanded a gavel price of £266,200 per bottle, or just over P16.8 million and change each. It’s the most expensive Dalmore bottles ever sold at auction.

Sotheby’s officials said each bottle netted about 26 bids, which indicated high interest for the scotch whisky brand.

“Only 12 bottles of The Dalmore Aged 62 Years were created, each individually named, hand signed, and numbered, but all containing whiskies dating from 1868, 1878, 1928, and 1939,” said master distiller and whisky expert Richard Paterson, who took control of cask maturation in the 1980s. “Whether these bottle end up enjoyed or collected, I hope that the lucky buyers savor this special piece of history. 

Launched in 2002, there have only been two opportunities to bid on The Dalmore 62, so the appearance of two bottles in the same auction presented an unprecedented opportunity for collectors.

“I’ve been fortunate to care for the wealth of rare & aged whiskies at our highland distillery since 1970, and this exceptional expression is very special to me indeed,” Paterson added. “When I took control of these precious casks some 50 years ago, I was aware of their true value, not so much in monetary terms but as a living part of the distillery’s heritage that marks our lifelong commitment to creating whisky like no other.”


“We were fortunate to see two bottles of this incredibly rare expression available at the same time,” said Gerry Tosh, Rare Whisky Director. “The investment value The Dalmore commands at auction is reflective of the rarity of the whisky itself, and the continued strength of the investment market driven by Asia. At a time where investors are increasingly considered in their investment choices, Single Malt Scotch Whisky is now rightly considered as an investment choice. At the same time we are fortunate to have a product that has been carefully crafted in Scotland for 180 years, and that continued pursuit of the perfect whisky is what drives demand from whisky investors,”.

We can only wonder what special occasion the buyers will open these bottles for. Of if they ever will.

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