Get Your Tita This Hermès Luxury Mahjong Set That Costs a Whopping ...P2 Million

It’s made with leather and palisander wood... and probably has magical powers or something.
IMAGE Hermes

From designer bikes, fluffy bedroom slippers, to absurd things like Supreme bricks, we thought we’d seen them all when it comes to luxury goods. Until now. Hermès just dropped its latest lifestyle product and it’s something we’d never thought we would ever witness in this lifetime: a luxury mahjong set. (We’ll let that sink in for a moment.) 

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The French fashion house, known for producing the ultra-expensive Birkin handbag, has put their own spin on this beloved Chinese game. Called the Helios Mahjong Set, the product is boxed with an elegant wooden case that unfolds to reveal 144 tiles. These tiles are made with palisander wood and printed calfskin leather that are slightly tinted, a nod to the brand’s signature orange color. In the middle of the case are wooden sticks to keep track of the score, as well as chic wooden dice. 

Sure, its stylish look and bougie vibe will make mahjong lovers and titas of Manila thrilled to the bone, but here’s the catch: One set is priced at 57,200 Singapore dollars or approximately P2,037,936

Photo by Hermes.
Photo by Hermes.

The internet has been going crazy for Hermes’ Helios Mahjong Set not only for its exorbitant price but because of the product itself. Some have noted that part of the joy of playing mahjong is the sound of the tiles when you mix them all upyou can’t replicate that experience with leather tiles. Weird because the website literally mentions the allusion to sound: “The meaning of mahjong in Chinese is 'squabbling sparrow'- an allusion to the noise made by the one hundred and forty-four tiles that are shuffled when playing the game,” states the product description. 

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But comments aside, netizens have also been calling the attention of aunties and titas everywhere who might want to enliven their afternoon game sessions with this designer luxurious set. Or, you know, it can be something to match their designer pambahay OOTDs.

With a mahjong set being as pricey as this, perhaps this has powers to give each player clues? Or maybe x-ray vision to see through tiles? We can only wonder. 


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