Got a Box Full of Film Negatives? This App Can 'Develop' Your Film Strips Completely Online

Every house has a box full of film negatives collecting dust in the corner. It can be pretty expensive to scan film negatives in this day and age where film is considered a luxury. But here’s an answer to your nostalgia: FilmBox, an app by Photomyne that can develop your film negatives with just one click.

Usually, the process requires time, patience, special equipment, and a lot of chemicals. But thanks to modern technology, particularly artificial intelligence, you can now develop your negatives digitally.

How to Use FilmBox

1| Hold a film strip vertically in front of a source of light, like a computer with a blank white screen.

2| Long-press the capture button while pointing your phone at the illuminated film strip.

3| Watch as your nostalgic memories are developed on the app.

The AI-powered app uses an algorithm that can invert colors the same way traditional film developing does. It doesn’t hold the same sentimentality of doing everything by hand, and the quality doesn’t match getting it developed in the shop, but if you’re looking for a quick scan to upload on social media, FilmBox does the job.


With a digital copy of your processed negatives, you could even print them out on your own and save yourself a trip to the store.

FilmBox is available in Google Play and the App Store.


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