Pasig Residents Thought Aliens Were Invading Them, But They Were Just Vico Sotto’s Drones

Vico Sotto’s drones are flying at night and terrorizing people.
IMAGE Darwin John Guillermo Dublin

“Mayor Vico, next time, don’t deploy your disinfectant drones at night, some people thought we were being attacked by UFOs!” a concerned Pasig resident posted on Facebook.

We couldn’t blame him when we saw the clip he posted. Pasig’s disinfectant drones looked eerily like alien spacecraft hovering above the city. The “UFOs” were equipped with what seemed to be lights for beaming up cows and other earthly objects.

The UFO scene looked so theatrical it was hilarious. Facebook user Darwin John Guillermo Dublin uploaded a video of the “UFO.”


Back in March, Mayor Vico Sotto bought three disinfectant drones to help in the fight against COVID-19. Each drone has a canister for liquid payloads. When the drone flies, it can spray such liquid into the air to disinfect areas. Such drones were widely used in China to fight COVID-19 by spraying alcohol-based disinfectants or chlorine solution. 


In compliance with rules set by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), the disinfectant drones are equipped with anti-collision lights, which are the red lights you see around the drone. The lights you see coming from the bottom of the drone are navigation lights used by the drone operator to maneuver the drone safely during nighttime flights.

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