6 Super Popular Fitness Bloggers, YouTubers, and Vloggers You Should Be Following for Massive Gains

From a 40-plus IFBB pro to a bachelor living the dream life, these fitness vloggers, YouTubers, and bloggers inform and entertain.

When you watch these fitness vloggers, YouTubers, or bloggers on the tiny screen of your cracked smartphone, you’re not only looking for tips on how to get jacked. You’re also looking for entertainment. 

These six guys, apart from sharing knowledge about, yes, how to get very big, also know that success in social media means offering something else. So maybe, in between the gym sessions, there are yacht parties? Maybe there is also the eating of 1,800 Gummy Bears? Maybe there is being goofy with a Goldendoodle, too? Did that pique your interest? Below, our picks of fitness creators that will inspire you to get up from the couch and do something. 

Mike Thurston

The Subs

YouTube: Mike Thurston at 1.08M subs

Instagram: @mikethurston at 797K subs

The Hook: bachelor living the dream life

What do you do when you’re about to turn 30 years old, which is pretty old in the realm of social media? You leave the brutal cold of London and move to the international city of Dubai. Mike Thurston is living it up, kids: sun, sea, gym, yachts, babes (please watch this lockdown romance), protein, gym, repeat.

One of the most popular fitness content creators right now, Mike has evolved his channel from bodybuilding to exploring life in a different country—countries, actually, as he travels often. You’ll get loads of content about growing your chest (Uncle Mike is strict about form), but you’re really here for the yacht party in Ibiza.

The Hustle: a clothing line

The smart social media professional knows you cannot live on YouTube and Instagram alone, which is why Mike has other hustles. Apart from sponsorships and training programs, there is Thrst, a clothing brand that specializes in thigh-grazing swim shorts. Mike just launched activewear so you don’t have to be topless all the time.


Matt Does Fitness

The Subs 

YouTube: Matt Does Fitness at 2M subs

Instagram: @mattdoesfitness at 962K subs

The Hook: super fit dad with a cute kid

If you know Matt Does Fitness—Matt Morsia in real life—then you also know Luca, his blond-haired, You-Tube-ready toddler who stars in the funny, little skits at the start of his videos. That Luca and wife Sarah are part of Matt’s content says a lot about how integral family is to him. The foursome (a baby is also on the way) is in the process of moving into a bigger house, and the creator made sure to include, apart from a home gym, a slide that leads to a downstairs game room.

Aside from being crazy strong (see 628–pound deadlift with Larry Wheels), Matt is known for viral food challenges, including eating whatever Luca draws. He also collabs with other YouTubers like, for example, Mike. Their latest: punching each other senseless in MMA.

The Hustle: a book, an app, a pair of earbuds

He has an app with fitness programs, a gym-friendly pair of wireless earbuds, but what’s blowing up now is his book, The 24/7 Body, a Sunday Times bestselling title.

Maxx Chewning

The Subs

YouTube: Maxx Chewing at 371K subs

Instagram: @maxxchewing at 331K subs

The Hook: powerlifter-entrepreneur with a good doggo

In between big lifts at YouTuber hotspot Alphalete Gym and dry scooping pre-workout powder while miming Eminem, Maxx busies himself with the travails of running two businesses, finishing a problematic house (there is an entire series), and being a dad to Dood, the Goldendoodle.

Recommended Videos

His uploads almost always feature the doggo. Here’s Maxx bringing Dood to the groomers, building a very tall Christmas with him, and just palling around with the best buddy. You can say Dood is his lifetime companion because why get a girlfriend when you can have a fluffball who loves you unconditionally (being single is a running joke in the channel). Skip to Dood's montage at the end of the video below. We’re not crying.

The Hustle: clothing and lip-puckering sour candy 

Maxx began with sports apparel brand Ever Forward and then spun its success into ribbons of lip-puckering sour candy. Last year, the businessman chronicled the explosive growth of Sour Strips as it penetrated a large retail chain in Texas. Maxx, himself, delivers the boxes of candy to the shop, turning the task into compelling content.

Zac Perna

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A post shared by Zac Perna (@zacperna)

The Subs

YouTube: Zac Perna at 745K subs

Instagram: @zacperna at 576K subs

The Hook: young Aussie who makes funny videos

Sure, there is the very useful cardio protocol and the fasting routine for fat loss, but there are also the impressions. Zac Perna is surprisingly very good at mimicking the voices of, among others, Harry Potter and Matthew McConaughey and does goofy day-in-a-life videos as these characters. The weirdest and thus highly entertaining in the series might be training like Sponge Bob. Yeah.  

What is also awesome about Zac is how he’s not a giant like Mike or Matt, who are both over six feet tall, making him a fitness inspiration for regular folk (or hobbits—he says it himself). The creator measures 5 feet 7 inches, and if he can build an impressive physique on a slighter frame, then maybe you can, too. But back to crazy content: eating 100 Kinder Buenos?


The Hustle: under wraps

Zac’s been hinting at a new venture with his brother Joel for a while now. We’re still waiting.


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A post shared by Brandon (@sooshbrah)

The Subs

YouTube: Soosh at 66.8K subs

Instagram: @sooshbrah at 75.5K subs

The Hook: alpha male who lifts

Here’s the origin story: A very popular TikToker dares his subs to give him a certain number of views and then he’ll open a YouTube channel. And so, here we are with Soosh, a 20-something creator who’s not afraid to say what he wants and act like an alpha-male-dude-dawg-bodybuilder. In short, he’s in your face and has a potty mouth (“Yo, what’s up, p***s.” Tune off if you can’t take it). Despite that—or because of it—his content has found an audience. In seven months and 60-plus videos, his channel has grown to over 70,000 subscribers.

Most interesting is how the aspiring bodybuilder admits to taking performance-enhancing substances, even going so far as to joke about his gyno every other episode. The creator just moved to fitness hotspot Houston with his best friend and editor Madrid and fellow YouTuber James English, so expect a whole lot of chaotic entertainment.

The Hustle: clothing

Soosh offered a bunch of stringers but it’s been a while since it’s been available. He makes most of his coin out of sponsorships, particularly with clothing brand YoungLA.


Greg Doucette

The Subs

YouTube: Greg Doucette at 893K subs

Instagram: @gregdoucetteifbbpro at 268K subs

The Hook: 

He’s got a lot to say and he’s very emphatic (see: angry veins on neck) when he speaks about the controversial topic of who is natty or not (natural or enhanced) in the fitness industry. But Greg Doucette or coach Greg can back it up as he is an IFBB pro (that’s International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness), holds a powerlifting record in the Guinness World Records, and has a master’s degree in Kinesiology.


Apart from calling out misleading information or misrepresentation by your favorite social media stars, coach Greg, who has also been featured by Vice as “The 40-Year-Old Bodybuilder,” is big on sharing the virtues of the anabolic kitchen. If you’re not in a mood for a shakedown, check out his cooking vlogs, in particular his anabolic French toast, a breakfast recipe that is a favorite among the fitness crowd.

The Hustle: the anabolic cookbook

The Ulitmate Anabolic Cookbook 2.0 just came out so you can now get your fill of super satiating and protein-rich dishes. At $149, it’s quite expensive, but you know what they say: Abs are built in the kitchen.


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