New Study Says Measles Can Give Your Immune System Amnesia

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If you or your child were previously immunized against other diseases but contracted measles recently, you might want to get a vaccine update from your doctor. A new study published in Science and Science Immunology revealed that the measles virus can wipe out your immune system’s memory.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School led the study that revealed how the measles virus causes immune amnesia, a condition in which your immune system is unable to recognize foreign bodies it was once immune to. This happens because the measles virus wipes out as much as 73 percent of a person’s antibodies. When this happens, your body will find it much harder to recognize viruses it was previously immune to, and will not react to them properly.

The new findings broaden our understanding of just how dangerous measles are. Recent measles outbreaks in the Philippines are just one cause of concern, and could even trigger other outbreaks. Early this year, the Philippines experienced an outbreak of measles with more than 38,602 cases reported as of June.


Below is the recommended schedule of vaccinations for children. 

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