The Canadian Passport Might Just Be the Coolest in the World


We’ve written plenty of stories about the most powerful passports in the world and even the hidden details of our own Filipino passports. But the Canadian passport might just win the title of coolest passport in the world, and not just because it’s powerful (it’s the ninth most powerful passport in the world and lets you visit 185 countries visa-free).

The Canadian passport reveals stunning, colorful images when illuminated by black light. It’s the Canadian government’s measure against counterfeiting so no one can sneak into the country with a fake passport. But they certainly outdid themselves with these eye-catching designs.

Plenty of countries have employed similar black light designs: Norwegian passports feature the northern lights, Chinese passports feature landscapes, and Hungarian passports reveal the entire music score to a patriotic song. Even the Philippine passport features simple designs of landmarks under black light.

But none are quite as detailed and thought-out as the Canadian passport, which colorfully depicts different illustrations of Canadian history in each page.

Browse through the Canadian passport under black light, courtesy of this Redditor:

You can browse page by page here: 

Black Light and The New Canadian Passport

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