Wild Animals Around the World Are Having a Blast Without Humans Around


When the humans are gone, the animals come out to play. Around the world, wild animals are walking the streets, entering homes, and essentially living the good life. With most public spaces empty, curiosity is driving animals to explore the places once occupied by humans. And without hunters on their tail or human activity pushing them out, wildlife is having one big party without people around. Here’s a rundown of animals having a blast during global quarantine.

Turkey: dolphins are swimming closer and closer to the city as fishermen and cargo ships are stuck on the docks.

Israel: wild boar have entered the city of Haifa, happily roaming the streets with their little piglets.

Thailand: dugong are shy, vulnerable creatures, so this is a rare sight indeed.

Wales, UK: wild goats have taken over a quiet Welsh town, eating residents’ flowers and hedges.

Wales, UK: but it looks like the sheep would prefer McDonalds to marigolds.

Japan: the Nara Park deer are scouting for food—near the train station, no less.

Australia: this little joey was spotted hopping about Adelaide as its residents stayed at home.

India: just a couple of monkey chilling in a pool in Mumbai.

Argentina: giant sea lions are occupying an Argentinian commercial district. Their agenda? Sunbathing.

South Africa: a number of penguins were spotted waddling about Cape Town’s streets.

Italy: Venice is seeing more than just dolphins—even jellyfish are making a comeback in the canals.

But some animal sightings are causing concern as not all of them are as harmless as waddling penguins.

Chile: some cougars have even been spotted jumping over gates and into private homes.

USA: alligators on the streets are definitely one more reason to stay at home.

South Africa: just a pride of lions napping on the road.

India: there’s no better quarantine guard than a huge elephant patrolling the town.

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