Men, Here’s How to Prevent a Bad Hair Day


A bad hair day doesn’t exclude anyone—one day, you could be waking up with an effortlessly stylish bed head, and the rest of the week you could be taming cowlicks and stray hairs to futile results. There are times when your locks simply won’t cooperate and they can happen at the most inopportune moments: on the day of that landmark interview, a high-powered meeting at work, or before that big date.

Fortunately, a bad hair day isn’t unpreventable. There are ways to ensure that your crowning glory takes its usual handsome form. Here, we rounded up the reasons why your hair can go haywire and how to avoid a bad hair day in the future.

1| Don’t wash your hair with hot water.

We get it—hot showers feel therapeutic and soothing, especially after a long day. Yet all that heat isn’t doing any favors for your strands, as you’re robbing them of moisture they need to maintain a healthy luster. Hot water can dry out your skin, including those follicles. It strips them of oils, which will only lead to the production of excess oils to make up for the loss. This can lead to issues such as overly greasy hair and dandruff.

2| Don’t shampoo too often.

You’ve heard experts say it time and again: You don’t have to shampoo too often. Yet in a culture where we’re taught that hitting the shower every day also involves lathering up, this can be a hard habit to break. For the same reason as washing your hair with hot water is bad for your tresses, showering too often strips moisture and oils away from your strands without giving them a chance to regenerate a healthy level of oil on their own. Cut back on shampooing two to three times a week, so you’re not taking away essential nutrients needed for healthy and shiny hair.


3| Don’t be rough when drying your hair.

We’ve seen it in the locker rooms: Right after stepping out of the showers, you turn your head upside down while aggressively frisking your scalp in between a towel. While this practice quickly dries your wet hair, it can damage your hair strands, as it creates craters in the shaft. Roughing up your hair can also cause frizz—and that’s a bad hair day.

4| Don’t get stressed.

Perhaps things at work have been more difficult lately or you’ve been undergoing a major change or disruption in your life. Whatever the cause, stress can be a reason why your hair has been behaving differently. This is largely due to the hormone cortisol that is released when we’re feeling stressed. Elevated cortisol levels have been proven to take a toll on your strands, rendering them dry, dull, and brittle. If possible, remove yourself from that stressful element in your life. Try to relax.

5| Don’t skip a haircut.

Your hair has been growing out in all sorts of directions with pesky fly-aways and split ends. It’s probably been a while since you last visited your barber’s for a haircut, and this could be the reason for your stubborn and unruly bed head. As you know, hair loses a discernible shape once left to grow out on its own. It’s also more prone to damage and subsequently, more difficult to style. Give your head a favor and head to the barber, stat.

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And Now, More Ways to Beat Bad Hair Days

1| Get acquainted with dry shampoo.

While you should be cutting down shampoo time to just a few days a week, you don’t have to leave your hair un-shampooed in between those days. Opt for dry shampoo for added security and confidence. Dry shampoo soaks up the oils on your head, as well as dispenses just enough product for you to style your hair on its own, all while giving hair a just-showered fragrance.

2| Stock up on fruits and vegetables.

Aside from stress, a poor diet could be causing your scalp to go haywire. Improve your eating habits by stocking up on fruits and vegetables, which help boost hair growth and maintain its sheen and luster. Fruits with beta-carotene provide substantial antioxidant protection, helping neutralize free radicals to keep hair young and healthy. Overall, a healthy and balanced diet leads to better and glowing skin, including hair.

3| Try showering with cold water.

Or better yet, shower with warm water as usual, but before heading out, hit yourself with a splash of cold water. The cold temperature will lock in the remaining moisture on your skin before evaporating into the air, decreasing the odds of a bad hair day.

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