It Was an Honestbee Mistake (a Lesson in Dealing with Gaffes)

Just because lorem ipsum sit happens, doesn't mean it has to be embarrassing.

Eagle-eyed customers on Honestbee's mailing list would have received this email from the delivery app earlier today. The mailer itself has benefited from a copyeditor's pen, but notice the subject header on the email:

Yep, that's your good ol' Lorem Ipsum placeholder text. In case you're wondering, the text is Latin, and is a slightly rearranged version of a passage from the poet Cicero. According to literary internet historians, this text has been the standard dummy text since the 16th century. Since then, it has stood in for real text because it looks realistic enough—using about the same length of words and the same letters that occur in any given passage of text—to show printers how a page might be laid out in the absence of actual text.

It's not the first time that Lorem Ipsum has been released into the wild. But customers were delighted to find a follow-up email from Honestbee a few hours later: 


Honestbee, which has been quietly putting out witty, punny ads both online and in the real world, quickly made light of its mistake with another mailer that said: "Because Lorem Ipsum Sit happens. Just Honestbee." Additionally, they offered a coupon for free delivery whenever a user enters the code "loremipsum" on the app ("Yes, that's the actual code!" Honestbee clarifies).

It may not have been a good week for copyediting. Not only have we come from a weekend filled with fresh blunders from our government agencies, but private companies abroad have suffered from easily avoidable word-related gaffes too.

Honestbee's quick response earned cheers from a public that hasn't been used to such a light-hearted acknowledgement of one's mistakes.

In the meantime, this drew our attention to Honestbee's past witticisms, which we've somehow missed before. Good job, honest Honestbee bees!

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