How to Adopt a Whale Shark or Tamaraw

For as low as P500 a month. 

The Philippines is slowly winning in conservation efforts to protect the tamaraw and the whale shark or butanding from extinction. This is thanks to decades of hard work and sacrifices of conservation groups, communities, and local governments. 

Winning in the Conservation Efforts

In July 2021, the World Wide Fund for Nature - Philippines (WWF-Philippines) reported that more whale sharks are flocking to Donsol in Bicol. It had identified 26 new individuals who visited the Ticao-Burias Pass Protected Seascape. 

Meanwhile, the Tamaraw Conservation Program of the DENR and the Far Eastern University’s Tams2 Program are considered some of the most successful rehabilitation and conservation programs to save an endangered species. Tamaraws teetered on the brink of extinction in the 1960s with fewer than 100 heads left in the wild. That number rose to 327 in 2012. The DENR aimed to raise it further to 600 by 2020. 

You can now be part of these conservation success stories by adopting a whale shark or tamaraw through WWF-Philippines. 

How to Adopt a Whale Shark or Tamaraw

You or your business can symbolically adopt a whale shark or a tamaraw by donating to their cause through WWF-Philippines’ programs, Adopt a Whale Shark and Adopt a Tamaraw

You can opt for a monthly donation of P500 for 10 months or a one-time donation of P6,000. 


As a benefactor, you will receive a Welcome Pack, a shirt, a plushie of the animal you are supporting, and an adoption certificate. 

Payment for the adoption can be made through PayPal or through online transfers using your debit or credit card. 

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What Happens After Adopting a Species

When you adopt a whale shark or a tamaraw, your money will go to funding several conservation efforts of WWF-Philippines aimed at conserving your chosen animal. 

Your donation will fund the following:

  • Support for the hands that protect your chosen animals
  • Conservation education and training for communities that live near or alongside your chosen animals
  • Support for forest rangers and marine defenders
  • Support for the green recovery of the Philippines through reforestation and habitat conservation

WWF-Philippines has been working to protect the Whale Sharks of Donsol through ecotourism since 1998. Over the past two decades, whale shark sightings have increased. The town of Donsol has grown prosperous over their protection.

The tamaraw is the world’s rarest and most endangered buffalo species. It is endemic to the Philippine island of Mindoro. Considered a national icon of the Philippines, tamaraws play a critical role in helping maintain the balance of the ecosystems they are a part of, particularly in Mts. Iglit-Baco National Park.


Click here to adopt a whale shark, and here to adopt a tamaraw. 

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