Vico Sotto's Blank College Yearbook Was a Hint of His Mayoral Style

It was a preview of things to come.
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Mayor of the hour Vico Sotto has been impressing everyone with his swift and decisive actions against the spread of COVID-19 in Pasig City. Despite having superstar parents, the 30-year-old has rejected show business for politics and even then prefers to shy away from media fanfare and gimmicks. 

Since the threat of COVID-19, he has sprung into various programs, including assuring Pasig government workers that they would continue to be paid, purchasing drones to disinfect the city, installing disinfectant tents around possible hotzones, and converting Dahlia Motel into a quarantine zone. He has also shrugged off criticism from other officials, ignored trolls, and has been quieter on social media to focus on the challenges ahead. 

Clearly he's a man of action.

It's a trait he's had apparently since college. A Political Science major from the Ateneo de Manila University, Sotto skipped blushing feel-good yearbook write-ups and wrote a succinct: "Vico Sotto does not believe in write-ups." 

Photo by courtesy of Beatrice Marie Achacoso.

Photo by courtesy of Beatrice Marie Achacoso.

The photos, which were revealed by a post by Beatrice Marie Achacoso has already gotten over over two thousand likes and almost a thousand shares. Sotto went to Ateneo for his undergrad before returning to the school for a Master's degree.

As he continues to be efficient and cool-headed throughout the chaos of COVID-19, he doesn't really need much explaining. He's too busy doing.

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