8 Shops in Manila For Your Everyday Organic Needs

Stores that make organic living easy and convenient.
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When one thinks of farming, the idyllic image of rice fields with lush mountains in the distance often comes to mind. It brings to the imagination the quaintness of provincial life, what one might see in a Disney film.

But reality is not a fairytale. Behind every piece of meat and vegetable is a giant industry that mass produces food, often unethically and with little thought of the nutritional value of said food.

What is organic food?

A buzzword often thrown around by brands and companies, it refers to the way our food is grown and processed. Instead of using pesticides, GMOs, and synthetic fertilizers to help aid the produce’s growth, organic farming opts to use natural fertilizers (such as manure and compost). It also allows for animals to roam free, eat, and grow in their natural environment, instead of raising them in enclosed and crowded cages.

Why organic really is better

Following more traditional methods of farming, this more tedious version ensures the quality of the food we eat. By using natural means of growing produce, farmers are able to sustain the quality at which the produce is grown. They also evade the erosion that has become a common problem. The absence of pesticides also allows the produce to have higher levels of antioxidants, along with the benefit of having no residual products that may harm consumers. This form of farming for meat and poultry has also been proven to provide more benefits as they have higher levels of vitamins and minerals, as compared to industrially produced meat.


Not just a fad

Despite popular belief that organic farming is but an expensive fad, it really does aim to provide better quality food.

Along with being more nutritious, the practice of organic farming can also be much better for the environment as it releases significantly fewer greenhouse gases than conventional farming and ensures that the soil in which food is grown will remain sustainable for years to come.

Here are some of the most efficient and trustworthy places to get our greens and meat:

1. Real Food

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Among the sprawling neighborhoods in the south lies our new favorite grocery - Real Food. A brainchild of owners Nicole Fandiño, Katrina Mañosa, Honey Almendral, and Bea Lhuillier, Real Food aims to make healthy living both accessible and possible.

Located at the Molito Lifestyle Mall in Alabang, this cozy nook sources 90 percent of its merchandise from local farmers and has everything from vegetables to snacks to wines delivered fresh every morning.

They have a free delivery service every Sunday around Alabang, Makati, and Pasig for a minimum receipt of 1000 pesos.

Molito Lifestyle Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa City; 0917.678.0158

2. Healthy Options

Arguably what revolutionized healthy living in the Philippines, Healthy Options has grown to over 25 branches across all three major islands in the past 23 years. With everything from food to skincare to vitamins, it has made organic and natural products accessible and no fuss for anyone who wants to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle. The company is constantly growing, with new and organic products constantly being added to its repertoire. Some of the newly available products at Healthy Options include produce and cult beauty items (such as the Aztec Healing Clay).

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[email protected]

3. Holy Carabao

Moms know what it’s like to always be scared of what your kids are eating. Luckily, these two moms get it and have a solution for parents who want to be conscious of what they and their kids are eating. Through their farm Holy Carabao, moms Melanie Go and Hindy Weber aim to practice farming that is healthy, organic, delicious, and nutritious. Based in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, this holistic farm has Farm Tours, where we can pick your own produce, buy it, and also learn about healthy living all at once. Holy Carabao products can also be readily bought in Makati.

Holy Carabao, Batulao, Batangas, Santa Rosa, Laguna; Holy Carabao Store, 6241 Palma corner Mañalac Street, Makati; 0977.813.4659

4. Ritual

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Ritual is done with plastic and so should we. A local enterprise based in the heart of Makati, this general store aims to go against the grain and sells local and organic products without traditional plastic bags. From salt to coffee to hand soap, Ritual has got everything that we need when we’re a pinch, without the expense of hurting the environment. It also has a cafe for all coffee lovers who want to sample local beans.

2/F Languages Internationale Building, 926 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati; 734.5486; [email protected]

5. Honest Junk

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Rejoice, all those with a sweet tooth! Gone are the days when we have to feel guilty about the candy we eat, because right here in Manila is a new brand that offers a more delicious alternative to our favorite gummies. Boasting to be nut free, dairy free, gluten free, vegan, and enriched with superfoods, Honest Junk uses local flavors, such as pink guava and mangosteen. To ensure that it really delicious and not just a fad, as well, owners Tina Lagdameo and Celine Gabriel Lim enlist the former’s children to taste test all their products. Their other products also include cookies and cheese barks, which are also full of nutrients and flavor.



6. Take Root

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Take Root has a little bit of everything for the snacker in us. It was founded by snack lovers Aileen Payumo-Whisnant and Monica Mendiola who wanted to bring the healthy lifestyle they led in New York to the Filipino people. From kale chips to trail mixes to granola bars, these healthy munchies not only claim to be organic, nutritious, and vegan; but they can also help people with autoimmune diseases (something Payumo-Whisnant and Mendiola have suffered with since childhood). With so many benefits, we never have to worry about snacking again with Take Root.

0917.528.0689; [email protected]

7. Green Grocer

With Green Grocer, we no longer have to scour through mounds of produce to get our organic fill and can now have fresh produce delivered to our doorstep only hours after harvest. Founded by Nikki Herrera-Bharwani in 2011, the Green Grocer is Manila’s first home delivery service for all things culinary, with products ranging from meats and cheeses to grains and artisanal breads. They source their vegetables from Tagaytay, Laguna, and Batangas, as well, so every customer is assured that all their products are local and organic, and can be brought straight to our door from their partner farms. They deliver thrice a week to any location in Metro Manila, Laguna, and Valenzuela.

0918.959.4220; orders@thegreengrovermanila.com

8. Got Love PH

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan! On this day of freedom, may we be reminded to celebrate the greatness of Filipinos; may we...

Posted by Got Heart Shop PH on Monday, June 11, 2018

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of university life on Katipunan Avenue is the Got Heart Shop, the newest one-stop grocery for everything organic in the north. With products from over 200 local communities and businesses, Got Heart Shop is the physical store for all the partnerships the Got Heart Foundation has fostered over the years. It has everything from local fruits and vegetables to handcrafted soaps and candles, and can easily be found inside Earth Kitchen in White Plains.

Lot 10, Block 10 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City; 0917.584.3278

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