Bryle B. Suralta

Assistant Section Editor
Bryle B. Suralta is a Filipino cultural critic, editor, and essayist. He writes about art, books, travel, people, current events, and all the magic in between. His past work in film and media can be found on PeopleAsia Magazine, The Philippine Star, MANILA BULLETIN, and IMDB.


These new painters and sculptors offer some interesting new responses to the times.
"Could my boss replace me, a real human being, with more efficient, heartlessly manufactured, and cheaply licensed AI talent that doesn't need to be paid, cared for, or thought about? Of course, they won't. They love me!"
Thompson's uncle, Andy, was once an import for Tanduay Rhum Masters. "He loved playing in the P.B.A.," the Golden State Warriors star says.
University of the Philippines Los Baños and University of Oxford Botanic Garden botanists named the Rafflesia banaoana after the indigenous group, the species' chief protectors.
Actor, musician, and Careless chairman and founder James Reid is many things. But you can never call him a dishonest man. He knows what you think of him. And he's here to emphatically tell you that he's grossly misunderstood.
Funny how Filipinos have higher standards for basketball games and beauty pageants. We excuse public officials lying, plundering, and underperforming, but we draw the line on bad coaching. Now what does that say about us?
The National Artist championed the richness of Moro culture and the Mindanaon creative consciousness.
She went from being a University of the Philippines scholar to becoming an icon of the global runway circuit in the '80s.
The brains belonged to indigenous Filipinos who were brought to the U.S. for the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair as part of its human zoo.
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